Juliet Burch

Project Architect

Juliet Burch
BA (Hons), MArchD, ARB

What do you do at Jessop and Cook Architects? My focus is on feasibility, design and planning. I am a strategic thinker and an ideas person. I regularly liaise with clients, consultants and contractors and I enjoy helping our clients find a clear way forward with their projects. I take a careful and considered approach to design and I have developed a diverse range of projects at Jessop and Cook, including the new Visitor Centre for The Oxford Artisan Distillery.

What were you doing before you joined Jessop and Cook Architects? Growing up I was obsessed by space and the use of light in buildings, but I was also interested in business and anthropology, so architecture seemed a good choice! After my undergraduate degree I worked at Oxford Architects for 2 years, before completing my MArchD in 2015 and qualifying in 2017. Alongside my job at Jessop and Cook, I am an Associate Lecturer for the School of Architecture at Oxford Brookes University. I examine on the RIBA Studio and I co-run a design unit on the MArchD course.

What else do you do that’s not related to architecture? I’m fascinated by the potential of the sharing economy and I co-founded a start-up to enable people to share their belongings in order to buy less stuff, I also helped develop a Community Interest Company aiming to retrofit co-housing into an existing city block. Other than that, I cycle everywhere… always on a vintage bike, sometimes on a tandem, and occasionally in the desert. I love cooking anything healthy, and I spend a lot of time folding my clothes Marie Kondo style.