Martin Shaw


Martin Shaw
BA (Hons), M.Arch, PGDip, ARB

What do you do at Jessop and Cook Architects? My role involves dealing with new enquiries and taking on projects as lead architect from conception to completion. I always aim to go above and beyond our clients’ expectation of what may be possible for their project. The new reception stage classroom at St Mary’s Infant School in Witney and the new Gardeners Facilities at St John’s College are two of the projects I’m particularly proud to have worked on, where we were able to create something far exceeding the client’s original brief. When I’m not working out tricky details, I’m carrying out the day to day duties of managing Jessop and Cook!

What were you doing before you joined Jessop and Cook Architects? Before I studied architecture, I worked as an electrician and a general builder for a small family construction firm. I enjoyed the physical construction work, but it was frustrating to witness so many poorly thought out schemes being built. I realised I wanted to be able to influence the building design to create better spaces for people, that could improve their well-being. I have been working at Jessop and Cook since my part one year out and qualified as an Architect in 2012. I continue to combine my practical knowledge with my design skills, which enables me to take a holistic approach to our projects.

What else do you do that’s not related to architecture? When I’m not in the office I spend most of my time with my family or making things. I enjoy the physical process of making, involving: models, up-cycling and small-scale construction projects. At home we like to grow our own fruit and vegetables, and love being able to bring something in from the garden and put it straight into a meal.