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Robert Goacher

Architectural Assistant

Robert Goacher
BA (Hons)

What do you do at Jessop and Cook Architects? I work on a variety of schemes and proposals, from schools and university projects to residential and heritage schemes. I enjoy the diversity of the projects we do and the opportunities I get to experience different work stages, from initial explorations to technical design and helping with construction management.

What were you doing before you joined Jessop and Cook Architects? I joined Jessop and Cook after completing my undergraduate degree in Architecture at Oxford Brookes University, where I had the opportunity to explore architecture’s ability to change lives and societies. My third year project focused on increasing the economic resilience of Sarajevo, one of Europe’s poorest and most corrupt cities. Before university, I grew up on a fruit farm in North Nottinghamshire, providing me with a unique up-bringing and insights that still inform me today.

What else do you do that’s not related to architecture? I am currently doing my masters at Oxford Brookes University, which takes up most of my time. But apart from that I enjoy improving my artistic ability, listening to ‘The Killers’, drinking coffee and testing out the pubs of Oxford.